Sunday, January 11, 2009


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♪ How to make yeast water

♪ How to make preferment

♪ How to bake rolls

♪ How to bake Pain de Mie

♪ How to bake bagels

♪ How to make apple yeast water1

♪ How to make apple yeast water2
♪ Straight method (no preferment is used....more adavanced?)

♪ Q and A


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frvetere said...

Do you think your recipes are bread machine friendly?

wao said...

hello, frvetere.

I don't think you can use your bread machine to bake with home made natural yeast unless your machine has 'natural yeast bake' setting.

If your machine is programmable, maybe you can program your machine to have longer rise time.

thank you for visiting my blog :)

Laura said...

I came across your blog a couple a couple days ago and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!
The "apple and yogurt yeast water" and "tea leaf yeast water" are so interesting.But I can't find the exact recipes in your blog yet. Could you please post the recipes? THANKS!!!!!

wao said...

hi, thank for your kind comment.

I do not have precise recipes f
for those bread....

Once you get the idea of baking with natural yeast, you can develop your original recipes.


prairiepatch said...

I just found your site from a link you left on "the fresh loaf". Making home made yeast is all new to me and very interesting and exciting. I was just wondering if you could discuss what some of the advantages or any benefits there might be in using natural yeast compared to store bought yeast or even a sour dough starter. Does it make the bread taste different? Is there any health benefits? I am very curious and I would love to learn more.

Mila Hidajat said...

Hi, I have made the raisin water and the bread too, the result was marvelous, I can't believe the bread did rise... :P Thank you so much for this blog. I have some questions though: 1) Can I adapt any bread recipe by replacing the liquid with natural yeast water? 2) Do you have to use a particular type of tea (such as green tea, loose tea) to make the tea water yeast? Cos I've tried with regular earl grey and after about 3 days, still not much activity going on. Really hope you can answer these questions, and thank you in advance!

Miriam Haenen said...

I came across this site yesterday , on the search for a specific recipe and I m amazed and very impressed !! Baked bread for many years ,sourdough and Ferment ,developed after an advice of R Steiner .Work a lot with herbs and flowers ,and this seams to give possibilities to combine all!! Is it the japanese way of baking bread and welknown/used there ? Thank you so much ! Gives huge possibilities healthwise to individualise the bread according to the physical ,soul and spiritual conditions and needs of people. Wow .

Wani Aziz said...

Thank you for starting me on a fresh yeast adventure! I started a date water yeast cultivation on the 4 days ago and baked my first baguette using the water straight without making any preferment last night.. was so good! I'm already addicted to making different yeast water.. hope you post again soon!

wao said...


Thank you for your kind comment.
I have not been able to bake much recently but I am thinking to bake with tomato yeast next week.
It's been a while since i've baked last time...

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== Boulangerie tour in Japan==
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