Monday, January 4, 2010

HOW TO: apple core yeast water DAY2

You start seeing some small bubbles in the jar.
It might take more than 24hours to see bubbles depending on room temperature.

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zenwild said...


I am currently trying to make yeast water with raisins and pears for the first time. I had some questions and found your blog!

I followed the process and the next day, some of the raisins were floating with small bubbles, but the next day, they sank...

For pears, I see small bubble a little, but not sure if it is ready or not.

They still smell fruits.
My house is not very warm about 50 degrees. Do you think it is too cold for the yeast to grow or do you think the yeasts are already dead? Should I start over?

I appreciate your advise!

wao said...

usually it takes 4-5 days to make yeast water so you can wait for few more days to see more bubbles.

fruity smell will change to fruity wine smell.

good luck!

(I am now in Japan. sorry for my late response)

zenwild said...

Hi Wao,

Thank you for your reponse!
I placed the jars in a warmer room after I wrote my previous comment, and the next day, "Voila!" more raisins floated and it smelled like alcohol a little! This morning the smell was more significant so I think I will take the fruits out tomorrow.

This is actually a my daughter's science project but I picked the theme so that I can bake nice bread. :-P I am glad it seems to be working now.

Hope you are having a great time in Japan. I was there 3 weeks ago.

wao said...


Glad to hear that you and your daughter are getting nice result^^

If you prefer to keep the fruits in the jar, you could do so.

Hope that you would be able to bake good bread.

It's cold in japan...

zenwild said...

Hi Wao,
We were able to bake simple rolls with the yeast water I made!

First the dough was very soft and it was difficult to handle, but it turned out ok. I guess it is usual when using yeast water straight from the jar..?

Also, I will leave the fruits inside the jar next time. ^^

Thank you for your advise!

Cheryl said...

I'm making raisin yeast and for a couple of weeks after five days I drained the water and canned 2 pints of yeast water (I use a whole cup of water for bread). Is it okay to reuse the raisins for another batch? On my third one but forgot to drain it!

wao said...


You mean you want to use the same raisins to make another batch of yeast water?
I think you can use it and probably you will succeed of making bubbly yeast water.
But, I guess the water might be less strong because the yeast you cultivate comes from outer layer of each raisin and once-used raisins' outer layer have only a small amount of yeast.

By adding some sugar(or honey, other fruits) you can make the water stronger.

good luck
(English is my second language so if it it hard for you to understand what I am trying to say, please ask again.)

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