Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to bake with your original yeast 2. (click pics to enlarge)

Now you have pre-fermented dough.

Let's make real dough.
100g=3,5oz , 200g=7oz , 50g=1.75oz
'pre-fermented dough, all amount  180g
'AP flour, bread flour, whole wheat  200g eg.120g white flour+80g whole wheat
'salt                      1 teaspoon
'yeast water             about 50g
'water                 about 50-65g = 1.75oz-2.3oz
sugar, brown or honey 1 tablespoon
*if you use cold yeast water right out from the refrigerator, use warm water. Yeast works betten in warm environment.
☆ Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl.

Knead for 10-20minutes to see some gluten film(jump to other bread making site. see a picturein the middleof the page) . Gluten film does not need to be very thin.
You can use a stand mixer or a bread maker. I use bread maker for kneading.

Place the dough in a bowl and let it sit for 2-6hours, until double in bulk. Time depends on the room temperature and yeast's strength.

In yeast water baking with whole wheat flour, 60-65% water (yeast water+water) in ratio to flour is enough. Also while the dough is rising, the dough is loosen and becomes soft. Please be careful how much water you add. It's easy to add water but difficult (almost inpossible) to remove water from the dough!

Generally speaking, bread flour needs more water than all purpose flour. Whole wheat flour needs less water than all purpose. So you can put around 70% water when you bake with bread flour only.

☆ After the first rise, take the dough out from the bowl and place it on the flat surface. If the dought is soft and hard to handle, dust some flour.

☆ Divide the dough into 8 small balls.
(or devide the dough into 2 pieces then devide a piece into 4 and shape the rest dough into your favorite shape. Set aside a ping-pong ball size dough if you want to make next butch of dough faster. You can put this small amount of dough next time you make pre-fermented dough.)

☆ Let them rest for 15minutes under the damp cloth.

☆ Lightly smash each dough and round it again.

☆ Let the dough rise again for 2-2.5 hours under damp cloth. Until doubles in bulk.

Preheat oven 450 degrees. Heat a cookie sheet in the oven. Move the dough onto the sheet.
Slash the top of the dough with wet knife.
Mist the dough with water. Also mist inside the oven.

Bake dough for 15-16minutes at 400 degrees. (long shaped bread in the picture should be baked for 20minutes.)

FYI: 2/17/2008
Room temp. 26 degreesC (77DegreeF).
First rise 2 hours, second rise 2hours.

♪♪bake at your own risk.♪♪


Indigo said...

Wao, I'm thrilled to have discovered your site. What a fun and useful service you are providing, thank you so much. Your yeasts are so creative and fun and "green" -- they use up all the scraps, PLUS add more food value to the bread. I am very VERY new to breadmaking -- only 2 weeks into it, a baby! -- but I just completed a successful preferment after only 2 tries, and now my first batch of petite rolls is rising in the kitchen. I'm so proud that they are actually rising, I can't wait to taste them! I'm about to go berserk making yeast water out of everything I can find. Thank you for this great website!

Marty said...

I am glad to have stumbled upon your site, Wao. :) It's really informative.

wao said...

thank you, Marty!

Alice Osborne and Jeanne Wolfley said...

I'm confused. Your pictures show adding eggs, but there's no mention of eggs in your recipe. Also, is there an accurate translation from grams and ounces to cups you could refer me to?

Thanks so much,
Alice Osborne

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