Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sandwich bread

I forgot which yeast i used for these loaves of bread...
I remember that I wanted to make one of the loaves with raisins in but I forgot.....

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking loaves!

Joseph's Bread said...

Hello, I am writing this comment from Japan.

I also make original home-made yeast water, and then convert this to a starting dough using rye wheat.

I make my original yeast from well riped tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, and of course, various fruits.

I blend several original yeast plus one dry natural yeast called Shirakami-Kobo (only a sprinkle) to speed up the fermentation time when actually baking.

Joseph's bread is my original recipe which uses 4 different type of flour .

john said...

How do you make the yeast? Is it like making a yeast from POTATOES?

Jennifer Young said...

I know about snduish bread. Its really nutritious.
If everyone know about Yeast Infection then it can be preventable.
As my reader perspective i just share here.
Yeast Infection

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== Boulangerie tour in Japan==
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