Monday, May 11, 2009

brown rice yeast water

What you need:

Organic brown rice

1. Germinate rice by soaking rice into water for about 3 days at room temperature.
(change water twice a day)

2. By using blender, crash the rice with water.

3. Put the rice water in a clean jar and add some sugar.

4. Let it sit for 4-7 days until it ferments.

You see tha end result in the picture. (right, front with a gold top)


Eileen said...

Hi Wao!

Eileen here again :P Thanks for posting up the brown rice yeast water recipe. I would like to attemp the recipe. Is that one part brown rice one part sugar quantity? I would like to harvest the water by the 3/4 days to make the yeast water but to leave it for another 2 more weeks for it to turn to syrupt/enemzye. You think it'll work? kekeke..


wao said...

Hi, Eileen

When I make yeast water, a use 1 tbsp sugar to a cup of brown rice.

I am not sure if you can make good syrup with this recipe. I mean, you can probably make it but I don't know if it's yummy....

Arvind Srivaths said...

Hi Wao,

Do you strain the rice and ferment only the water or do you ferment with the rice?



wao said...

you can ferment it with rice.

sorry for the late response!

claudiarana said...

i made some, and it smells really odd its that ok?

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