Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Farmer's Market: Ripe Tomato & Sweet Lemon yeast water

It's Wednesday, time to go get some fresh veges and fruits at farmer's market.

Sweet lemons, komatsuna, cilantro, ripe tomatoes and so on.

After I peeled tomatoes to make tomato sauce, I soaked skin in water to make tomato yeast water.

I also made sweet lemon yeast water with honey.


Vee said...

How do you peel your tomatoes? I pour boiling water on them and the peel comes off easily. Doesn't this kill the yeast?

Vee said...
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wao said...

hi, Vee.

These tomatoes were really really well ripe so i could peel with hands without heating in the boiling water.

you don't have to peel skin to make yeast water.

good luck

Karla Kasim said...

Hi may I know how's the lemon honey water for normal boule ? is it as strong as the apple water ? thank you

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