Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lemon&tomato yeast water: Pain de mie

Yeast water ferment (flour:yeast water=3:7) 130g
60% Bread Flour:300g
40% WW flour:200g
agave syrup
canola oil


Our House said...

Flat buns
Dear Wao, Im a home baker from Japan, Kamakura, I was so surprised that you can make yeast with just water and fruit, so I gave a try and had instant success. Anyway, I used brown rice, and some honey and within 2 days it was bubbling nicely. I made some bread and it worked great.Preferment was prefect, and the dough texture was lovely. Just one problem, the dough didnt hold shape well, it seemed flow out as it grew, so the buns turned into kinda pancakes... why is this? They tasted great and were about 3 cm thick and about small plate in size... Id love some advice. Id rather make buns than pancakes.
From Asher

wao said...

Hi, Our House.

Thank you for coming to this site!

So you tried the brown rice yeast water.
I think, your dough was little too soft.
When baking with home made yeast water (and preferment), the dough tends to get soft while it is rising.
I don't know your recipe but if you are adding more than 60% of water to flour weight, reduce the amount of water to make the dough harder.
Once you get a success by baking some rolls with relatively hard dough, then it is easier for you to adjust the dough softness for later baking.

Which flour are you using?
Are you using kyourikiko(強力粉=bread flour), such as KAMERIA(カメリア)?
(most popular bread flour in Japanese supermarket)
Are you using 国産強力粉(bread flour made in Japan from large supermarket or specialty store)?

If you are using made-in -Japan flour, you should use even less water because this flour does not retain water well.

Putting the risen dough on HEATED baking sheet & spray some water in to the oven to have steam when baking also helps.

Enjoy baking!

Our House said...

Perfect and quick answer
I ordered organic flower from a mill in Japan, a friend is crazy about organic foods and is encouraging me to bake more, in her case she cant handle chemical yeast as it affects her body quite badly so she makes sour dough, I will let her know about yeast water too.

I think if I use less water it will be better. But it gets hard to knead in that case.

Also the bread tends to be crumbly. I think I will try to mix in some whole wheat flour too.

I have some cherry yeast water growing now and just today I baked a nicer loaf using tea yeast, it was better as it was in the loaf tin but still a little flat. Less water next time, THANKS a million

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