Saturday, March 14, 2009

new apple yeast water

When I eat apples, I usually eat skin too but when I baked apple cup bread last week I had to peel the skin of some apples because of some customers' preferance.
So I decided to make a new jar of apple yeast water.
This time I used a jar full of skin and cores and fill it with water.
It started bubbling in 2 day and became really strong yeast water after 2 more days sitting on the kitchen counter.
Even though I did not feed any sugar or honey.
So if you are thinking about making yeast watet, use as much fruits as you can to fill the jar to get good result.
Weak yeast water does not give you good bread.


Christopherous! said...

I tried this, but all i seemed to make was mold. :/ no bubbles except what air was already in the water when I created the jar. I was wondering if you could write up a recipie with directions on creating this with fresh fruit. I have a few more apples and i would like to give it a try once again. :)

Thank you!

wao said...


I started uploading the process of making apple yeast.

I'm not sure why you are getting mold on apple. But, if you don't mind not using skin, peeling the skin might help prevent molding.

and make sure you cover the apple with water as much as possible.

there is no concrete recepi for making yeast water. you can use apple, banana, strawberry and so on. just wash the fruit, chop it up and soak them in water in a clean jar.

did it help?

good luck.

Christopherous! said...

Thank you so much, will try this tomorrow! :) My home runs kind of cold. will that effect my yeast water? Should i move it to a warmer room? and Should i keep the jar covered or uncovered.

thanks so much for the tips. I really Appriciate it! :) Can't wait to give it another try.

Emily said...

Yeast thrives in warm environments, so moving it to a warm room could help. A large amount of yeast is contained in the skin, which eats the sugar in the fruit. Covering it with water will also help, because bacteria will grow if exposed to oxygen.

Anonymous said...

hi wao

I am trying your method using organic green raisin to make yeast water. But mine only have small tiny bubbles when i observed 1-2 times ( 6-8 hrs) from day 1 to day 3. Don't have so much bubbles as shown in your apple yeast water photo. Does this mean it has not go tru the right process? Additional to this, on 2.5 days, 80 % raisin floating on top, but with some fungi forming on top of floating raisin. May I know why will this happen? I have leave some space and not totally fill up with water. In between the days, i had kept open the cover to see it too.

BTW, I am from Malaysia. I started making this raisin yeast water at 7pm at night, ard 30 Celsius, the following days were raining day, so temperature were ard 26-28 Celsius.

Hope to get reply from you.

Thanks & regards!

wao said...


did you see this page yet?
If not, please refer.

I recommend to use apple to make yeast water, because it seems like people get mold with raisins somehow.

If you think your raisin water is not that moldy, you can still use it after removing mold. OR, you can just start over.

I guess you just need to wait for 2-3 more days. Also, having big bubbles is not always necessary for making yeast water.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your advice and guidance!
Yes, I have been reading your article on How to Make Yeast Water. In Fact, my 1st was made with apple skin n its'core. 1st day with sweetly smell, 2-3 days with wine smell and kept inside the fridge on 3rd day.
Following your recipe to make pre-fermented dough with my apple yeast water, but took longer hr, i.e 16hrs to rise to double.During the dough making, not really rise well and it is too soft too.
Will keep on trying to make a stronger yeast water!

Thanks and regards!

Anonymous said...

I want to try this apple yeast water - went to your recipe page and saw raisins, in this picture you have a jar full of apples - so if you use fresh apple do you fill the jar to the top with apple? I guess I have to experiment.

wao said...

hi, Alisonamazed!

You need water just to cover the apple.

There is no right answer to the question, "how much water do i need?" you can experiment!

sisha vekha said...

Hi wao, Thank for sharing your idea.
I have tried apple yeast water. I peeled the apples beacause its wax on the skin & it not organic.
I filled up peeled apples with warm water. All the apples float & some part of the apple is not covered with water coz' its float.I turned the slices upside down daily.water And kept it near stove. I have seen bubbles coming from the first day onwards. Then i warm the oven for just 1 min & kept inside the onven & covered it with kitchen towel . After that i have not seen any reaction . No bubbles. i think the yeast got killed . But i boiled & drank the water . It was very nice :-)
Do i have to put some dense fruits on top of apples so that it wont float?
Next i tried organic black raisin. No bubbles at all. I got a thin white layer.
My house is warm 78- 80 In the day time & cold 74- 76 in the night.

Vivian said...

Hello Wao, I just came across your post and it is such a gem. I have two bottles of yeast water going on - pear and apple. It is very cold at this time in Toronto (inside of house is around 21 c) so I have been keeping them inside the oven for the past 5 days with the pilot light on which makes the inside of the oven quite warm - there is quite a bit of activity in the pear jar -HOWEVER would you recommend that keeping them in the oven? is it too warm and would the warmth make it easier for the bad bacteria to grow? Thanks for your response!!

wao said...

Hi Vivian
Sorry for the late response.

If your water bubbles well then you do not need to keep in warm place.
Once your water started to bubble, keep the jar at warm place for 2-3 days.

If you think your water is done bubbling up, keep it in the refrigerator.

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