Monday, November 24, 2008


Past 3 days I've been baking croissants.

I tried 4 different recipes and finally I found my favorite recipe that can yield tender and fluffy crumb.

I like crispy and flaky croissant too but this time I was looking for the recipe of tender croissant.

Now I can make croissant sandwiches with this.


Amy said...

Hi! I tried your fruit water yeast recipe twice and neither time, it worked. Well... it worked, just not very well.

Am I using the wrong fruits? I used grapes and clementines. I followed your instructions and it seems like the dough would have bubbles, but not very many.. and it would take two days, not just a night, to rise. Also, the dough rose, but hardly at all.

I don't know what to do. Try a different fruit?

P.S. I am in Korea--really want to make my own bread because the processed stuff they have here is... mediocre at best.

Lovely blog! Thanks so much :)

wao said...

Hi, Amy.

I think the best fruits to get good yeast water is non-oil coated raisin.
It is easy to find anywhere anytime and contains a lot of sugar.

You need to make good (bubbly) water to make good dough.
Oncfe you get yeast water,make your preferment dough.
One way to make the preferment dough stronger is to keep making it.

Like the following:
1.mix yeast water and flour and wait for a day or so to let it double.---A
2.mix A, yeast water and flour. Let it doubles.---B
3.mix B, yeast water and flour.
Let it doubles.---C

I think at this time you have good strong pre-ferment dough.

Good luck!

Where in Korea do you reside?
I heard this bakery has relatively better bread in Korea.

Good luck!

Amy said...

ah! I will try it! I bought some raisins at a local farmer's market, i am not sure if they are the right kind, but i will try it!

i live near yangpyeong about 1 1/2 hours to the east of Seoul.

wayyyyyyyy out in the country :)

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