Sunday, April 27, 2008

50:50 bread

100g WWF
100g BF
brown sugar

my favorite brown bread..yum.


tiv40 said...

Hello from Finland! How interesting blog you have!! I have been using wild yeast which I made from dried apricots. And the result was best bread ever! I had absolutely no idea that you can do wild yeast almost from everything. The yeast from tea leaves was very interesting.I love tea with slight taste of smoke (lapsang souchong), wonder if that would be too strong for bread....
Thank you for good and specific instructions!!

wao said...

Hi tiv40

Sorry for late res.

I am very happy to hear somebody actually is baking with wild yeast.

I guess Lapsang would work well for yeast making!

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== Boulangerie tour in Japan==
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