Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cinnamonroll bread with apple+raisin yeast water


This is my favorite cinnamon bread.

I used to bake this with Fermipan yeast ( and it was great, people even gave me money for that:))but I also bake with natural yeast.

Now I do not eat refined white sugar and dairy so I use whole sugar and canola oil.

I make my dough soft so I still get soft crumb.

If you eat butter, egg and sugar you can have even fluffier crumb and crust.

wanna try it?


Karly said...

What's your recipe? I love your website and have been experimenting with yeast water. A lot of fun :)

Allen said...

Hi Wao, your cinnamonroll bread looks delicious! Could you please let me know what the recipe is?
I just came across your site and will develop yeast water.
Thank you!

Lisa Wade said...

I would love to have your cinnamonroll recipe too! Looks sooo yummy!

Anne Lau said...

I love your site and the natural fermentation. Can ypu please tell me how to make the crust soft? and did you just use yeast water for this recipe or fermented dough?

Thank you. Always look forward to new recipes.

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