Wednesday, June 30, 2010

mint yeast water: buckwheat bread with raisins

300g bread flour
100g buckwhear flour
150g preferment(mint yeast)
some salt, and palm sugar

yielded a loaf of spicy bread
beast with wine....mmmm yum

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Susan Sethi Desperate mother said...

WAo I really need your help.

My son is on a rotation diet and is a patient of a Dr. Rea in Dallas Texas. Dr Rea has many patients on similar diets. We were getting our amazing bread from a co. in Dallas called Francis Simun. Mr. Simun was a macrobiotic chef who spent his life perfecting his yeast free bread technique. He was able to do yeast free milk free bread out of single grains, a culture, sea salt and water. He died eight years ago leaving the business to a young apprentice. She was run out of business by Mr. Simun’s brother who charged this young apprentice exorbitant amounts of money to use the name and equipment of the business. She is the only one who knows how to make this bread and refuses to speak to anyone. Meanwhile there are patients including my son who essentially depended on this bread for their sustenance. They went out of business and now I running really low on bread supplies.

My son cannot tolerate wheat but can tolerate quinoa, millet, kamut, amaranth, teff, tapioca, arrowroot, yam, cassava, soy and potato. I am desperate to find a baker that can do yeast free wheat free bread that tastes good.

My son is only 7 years old and in his short life he has gone from almost being placed on a feeding tube b/c of his food sensitivities to an average kid and I cannot go back to the hell he experienced three years ago. Thanks to this rotation diet he and myself and my husband have been given a second chance at life.

We have a fed ex account so shipping would be fairly simple but expensive. So far I found Pacific bakery who can make a tasty kamut and I found a place in Florida who can make a good Millet rice but the millet rice is made with baking powder . The problem is I need a few more varieties in order to come up with a rotation for my son.

I am running out of options. involved. There is a huge market for breads for people like my son as so many people are becoming aware of food sensitivities and how it effects their health esp. candida.

Do you think you could help? Or teach me.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Please let me know of you need any more information.

Best Regards,

Susan Sethi


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