Friday, March 20, 2009

Assorted Yeast water jars...

The weather is beautiful here!
In Los Angeles, it is time to start making new yeast water!
If you are thinking about baking with natural yeast water, let's start it in spring.
It is the best season to start baking with yeast water.

To make strong yeast water, use a lot of fruits and be patient for few days.
Have fun!

In the picture, you see some fruits yeast water and vegetable (carrot & tomato) yeast water.


pmk01 said...

My apple and raisen yeast water has been in the fridge for 1 month and it has developed a layer of mold on top of the water line. What do I do?

wao said...


If your yeast water got mold, then you need to discard it and make new yeast water.

After you start making yeast water, please do not put anything (including utensils) in it other than sugar and/or fruits. When you need to take some water out from the jar, just pour water out from the jar so the water won't get contaminated.

Good luck!

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