Friday, January 30, 2009

Waffle with olive oil (apple yeast water)

You do not need baking powder (or baking soda) to make waffles.

This time I used apple yeast water and ferment to make waffles.

I wanted to make savory waffles so olive oil was used in this batter.


aischmidt said...

hi -- i'm so impressed with your blog & all your creative baking! i found this site from the link you left at the (fresh loaf) sourdo lady's site last year and now i'm really interested to try making some non-sour fruit yeast water. i'm in chef school (in Toronto) learning to bake right now. thank you for teaching me about this topic! feel free to write -- here's my email: .. sincerely, Andrea

wao said...

Hi, Andrea!

So you are in cooking school studying baking sweets and

I have learned about 30 kinds of bread at the bread baking school before but I still want to learn more.
There are not many bread baking schools available here.

What do you want to know about yeast water baking??
I am very happy that you are interested in this way of baking.

talk with you soon !

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