Sunday, December 28, 2008

2 kinds of rustique (fruits yeast and Japanese natural yeast)

I was in Vegas for several days and could not find any good bread there.

I went to Bouchon bakery but did not see anything attractive...

I came back to my apartment around 8:00pm and needed to knead some bread dough.
My craving for non-pastry, artisan kind bread was that bad.

I looked at 2 books and decided to make 2 different kinds of rustic bread.
A recipe out from each book.

One required to add some sugar (but I forgot to add it).
The other one was a quite simple recipe and requires no sugar.

I let the dough sit in room temperature for 7 hours.
In the morning I shaped them at 8:00am and baked them at around 9:00am.

My husband had a bread with vegan butter(he is not vegan but he had it), strawberry jam and penut butter.
It seemed like he enjoyed it as well as I did. Yummy.


Jenna said...

Hi there!

I've been following your blog, and I like what I see very much. There's only one problem: few of your posts have accompanying recipes! They have very tempting photographs and no recipe to follow! GAH! If the recipe is not yours to share, then please say which cookbook you got it out of, or link to the appropriate website. Otherwise, if you're going to tempt us with those stunning photos, then please tell us how you made them!

If your other readers are anything like me, they have never baked with yeast water before. I have tried a couple of recipes here, and both failed. I'm trying a third right now.

*A post on troubleshooting would be good.
*A post about how much yeast water to use in a recipe and why would be good.
*A post on how to convert regular recipes to yeast water recipes would be fantastic!
*A post on how to correct some problems as they happen would be very helpful.
*A post of books that we could buy (in English, too) or get from the library would be wonderful!
*A post of links to other fruit water reference sites would be useful.

You've piqued my interest. Flour starters and leavens have proved to be a pain to get started (get it? Pain?), but I had great success with starting fruit water. I'd really like to know more to become better at baking with the yeast waters!

Thanks for starting this blog!

wao said...

Hi Jenna

I posted a new recipe (recipe of the pictured bread)

This recipe contains more preferment than before so easier to make. (I guess...)


I cannot find any book, websites, or bakeries that introduce this way of baking in US.
I will TRY make and upload more recipes.


Jenna said...

Yay! Such a fast response! Thank you!

I'll post my successes to my blog and comment here. I have to post my photos of my first loaf!

When I get back from vacation, it's experiment time!

Again, thank you for this blog! I haven't had this much fun in the kitchen in a very long time!

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