Friday, April 18, 2008

nectarine yeast bread

Crispy crust.

Yum yum.


The Fruity Tuty Baker said...

Hello Wao:

I made the fermented wild yeast and baked my first loaves today. They came out beautiful I used one of my bread recipes and combined the wild yeast with a liquid sourdough starter. Combining the two starters made a big difference and they work beautifully together.

I made a tomato wild yeast that fermented in 8 hours. So I made the preferment and it tripled in 3 hours.

I used 75 grams of wild yeast and 286 grams of a liquid sourdough starter made from bread flour (Harvest King by Gold Medal)In mixing up the dough.

I let it rise at room temperature of 70ºF. over night. I also used a combination of organic whole wheat, all purpose, bread flour, and organic potato granules, to make the bread. By 11:30 AM I was placing the loves in the oven I made two Batards.

It took 20 minutes for the loaves to bake I also used steam in baking the loaves.

I can't get over the crust its extra thin and crispy and crunchy when you cut into the loaves. The crumb is very light,tender and moist. The flavor is awesome.

I had no trouble fermenting the wild yeast. I'm always fermenting vegetables and fruit so I new exactly what to do. But I never thought of using the wild yeast liquid to bake with.

I'm also allergic to packaged yeast so I could never use it. I'm not having any reactions to the bread using the homemade wild yeast.

I wanted to thank you for this useful info...I found on the fresh loaf site.

For years I've been baking with a sourdough starter so baking bread actually took me 2 days. Now I can bake my bread in 7 hours by combining the two starters together making my dough rise like gang busters.

The wild yeast has improved my bread baking.

Actually you can use just about any fresh or dried fruits, or vegetables you may have on hand. That's the simplicity of making wild yeast.

For those of you just starting out combine the wild yeast with a sourdough starter. You'll love the combo.

The Fruity Tuty Baker

wao said...

Hi, the fruity tuty baker!

Thank you for your message.

I am very inpressed how you combine 2 starters to bake your great bread!

I want to taste it!

Your post made me very happy.

I am always wondering why there is no 'packaged instant natural yeast' here in US.

We can find several kinds of those in Japan and I am actually using them. (my friends and parents send me those special yeast time to time)

but now you have this new method!

Enjoy baking together~!

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