Friday, March 7, 2008

clay pot baking

First clay pot baking.

First cold start baking.

Need lots of experiments with this pot


Lisa said...

Your yeast techniques are very interesting. Do you know how to make yeast/malt (for baking) from wheat? I am trying to figure that out.

wao said...

Hi, Lisa.

Do you want to know how to make wheat starter for sourdough?

There are some ways to make it but I know this method below.

Mix 120g of WW flour and 180g of water. (WW:water=2:3)
Stir them well.
Leave it at room temperature for 3-4days until bubbly.
Stir the mixture twice a day during this process.

now you are ready to bake.

If you are thinking about getting natural yeast water from wheat berry, I have no idea how it would work but it is very interesting...

enjoy baking!

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