Saturday, February 16, 2008

My pet....home made yeast

←This is my pet, green apple yeast.

I bake bread 3-4 times a week using both commercial yeast and natural yeast.

You can buy "natural yeast" or "organic dry yeast" at some stores but I use this water yeast for my bread.
I learned how to make my bread with my original yeast from various Japanese books and Japanese web sites.
Why Japanse sites?

I simply could not find good English web sites that explain how to cultivate yeast from fresh fruits and dry fruits.
So now I put my knowledge down on this blog for the people who are interested in making their own bread with their own yeast.
I am not a professional baker so I might not do things "right".
If you find any incorrect statements please let me know and teach me the correct ways.

Let's enjoy baking!
♪♪ I am not responsible for damages and/or any harm that somehow you get from this site.
♪♪ Bake at your own risk.


Justin said...

how or where do you find or how do you make or cultivate yeast email please

理恵子 said...

I am Japanese, who bake bread with homemade yeast 2~3 times a week. When I was living in California, no one believed that I actually grow water yeast from fruits and veges. I did not know it is more common activity in Japan than other places. I call my yeasts as my pets as well. Please post your recent baked goods.

wao said...


I also wonder why ppl in US do not bake with kobo-chan.
Kobo-cha is kawaii desune.

Today I baked a ficelle and an epi with ko-bo. I will upload the pics later.

talk to you again.
comment arigato.

Nancy Jane said...

looks like a great, original site, have made bread many times, though only once with my own-made yeast. will look forward to baking and learning along with you.

Death the baker said...

I've been looking for how to make yeast for the past couple of years. I'm training to become a pastry chef and I'm really excited in trying this out. Thank you for making this blog

belly said...

Thank you for this fabulous blog. YEARS ago I made yeast from hints from Carol Field's recipes & other research but then lost my cobbled together notes. This is a breakthrough. Thanks again & happy baking!!!

belly said...

Yes. Your advice has been invaluable. Thank you. Any hope of a return???

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